Philippine Coffee Company-Sugar Land, Tx. Speciality Coffees since 2005

Welcome to the Philippine Coffee Company/USA.                                                                 06/23/2017

We are located in Sugar Land/Missouri City, Texas a suburb of Houston. We offer 100% Philippine grown coffee beans from the best sources in the Philippines. We have been importing coffee for over 12 years to the USA from such locales as Batangas (kapeng barako), Amadeo (Pahimis Blend) and the Highlands of the Philippines and Mindanao

We import and sell already roasted coffees in the same packaging as they are in the Philippines. We also import raw green coffees and roast them locally as well. We buy in bulk from the Philippines and then roast and package in our own company packaging. Our coffees that are roasted in the Philippines are shipped to us by Air and arrive within 3 days of roasting. This assures that you always get fresh roasted coffee. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.                                                                                 

                     The Finest of the Cordillera Highlands and High Mountain Ranges of Mindanao


Our Arabica coffees are made from high altitude Arabica coffee beans, naturally grown above 3,000 feet in the high mountain ranges of the Philippines located in Northern Luzon and Mindanao. All our beans are hand-picked and sun-dried by local indigenous farmers with whom we work in full respect of their unique culture. The modern coffee mills then process the berries into parchment and high quality Arabica coffee beans.

Our coffee plantations use no synthetic chemical inputs, including fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Coffee is planted among natural vegetation, including shade trees, a practice which reduces susceptibility to pests. Natural fertilizer materials are used and applied according to a fertilizer application.

As a socially responsible member of society, we do our share in achieving sustainable development.

We believe that taking concrete steps to improve the quality of life of the Filipino people is not just important, it is necessary for a company like ours whose greatest assets are our people, and whose existence depends on the community that hosts us.

 Please shop with confidence knowing that we are a retailer with years of experience with Philippine coffees and especially 100%  Kapeng Barako which is Liberica Coffee beans.  

Thanks for your patronage and enjoy our coffees and feel free to email or call us. 

C. Kennerson/owner