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  • Mt. Matutum Premium Arabica

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    Mt. Matutum is a volcanic mountain located in South Cotabato. This majestic, cone-shaped mountain rising to 7,500 feet above sea level is not just a favorite among trekkers and mountain climbers. It’s also a source of premium Arabica coffee.
    Aside from high altitude and cool temperature, Arabica requires a wide variety of elements in order to produce high quality beans. One of those elements is the soil profile. Coffee can grow in various kinds of soils but the ideal types are fertile volcanic red earth or deep, sandy loam. Volcanic soils have good structure, porous, and rich in minerals. This is why Mt. Matutum, as well as Mt. Apo and Mt. Kitanglad (which are both volcanic mountains), grows excellent coffee. 
    Dark Roast Arabica 

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    Whole Bean or Ground