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 The Philippine Coffee Company is located in Missouri City, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Our aim is to provide exceptional, high quality coffee at reasonable prices. We have an extensive range of delicious coffees. 

 We import coffees from the Philippines in bulk as well as in their original packaging as sold in the Philippines. Our coffees arrive by air-transport thereby assuring you of a fresher product.

 We offer many different varieties of Philippine coffee. Our single origin coffees come from Sagada, Benguet, Kalinga, Batangas, Cavite, Mindanao and all over the Philippines.The Philippines grows 4 types of coffee:Arabica, Liberica (Barako),Excelsa and Robusta. While our main focus is Barako and Arabica coffees, we do offer the other varieties such as Robusta and Excelsa.

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                      Our Coffees :                         
  • Arabica is known as “kapeng Tagalog.” It could be grown productively in cooler places with an elevation. It thrived in Batangas before it was wiped out by coffee rust at the turn of the 19th century. It is also considered the coffee of the world market because of it's superior flavor and aroma.
  • Robusta is known by its local name as “kapeng robusta.” It is harder and yields more than the Arabica but is less flavorable than Arabica. Kalinga is an example.
  • Excelsa is locally known as “kapeng excelsa.” This variety is often sold as Barako and many people who drink Barako are actually drinking Excelsa. It has better flavor and aroma than Robusta and Liberica.
  • Liberica is known as the famous “kapeng barako” or “kapeng amerikano.” It is also characterized with the strongest taste and flavor. It is also tolerant to drought, quite resistant to nematodes and grows in a wider type of soil.

     The Filipino Coffee Experience: 

       We sell all-Filipino coffee harvested in the Philippines, but what we're offering is  more  than just coffee. It's the Filipino experience with the warmth of the Filipino culture brought about by the coffee and the hospitality of a great people.

Our passion is rooted in our love for the Philippines and a strong desire to help build communities of coffee farmers around the Philippines. From our employees to our customers to our suppliers, we value each person as a part to achieving that goal.

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